Invisalign launches UK university programme

Align Technology has launched a training programme for higher education institutions offering a post graduate orthodontic specialisation. The Invisalign® University Programme 2013 offers the most cost effective way to allow trainee orthodontists to begin using this innovative orthodontic technique.

The programme enables up to 20 orthodontic students at any one time to undergo training, by funding lectures from highly experienced orthodontic specialists – such as Dr Graham Gardner who has completed 650 Invisalign cases, along with practical sessions from Clinical Advisors at Align Technology.

The course offers a step-by-step approach to the Invisalign system including an introduction to the Invisalign Doctor Site; treatment options and treatment selection; record submission; use of the ClinCheck® software and aligner delivery, monitoring and finishing.

After the course is complete graduates are also eligible for access to continuing education in the Invisalign technique including AlignTech Institute news with tips and techniques for each step of the process; educational activities live or online conducted by Invisalign Clinical Advisors and clinical support throughout the programme

Three courses have already been run since the inception of the programme; the first in October 2012 at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, Kent; the second in February 2013 at the Dublin Dental Hospital and the third took place at Chester Hospital in March this year.

These forward-looking universities have appreciated the need to train their post graduates in contemporary techniques before they qualify so they are as prepared as possible to work in specialist practice on graduation.

Ten free Invisalign treatments are included in the University Training Course package and a 30 per cent discount on a further ten treatments is provided after the initial ten have been submitted. In addition, each is provided with a University Kit which includes Invisalign materials, software and everything the students need to get started. The participating university is also issued with an ID and password for students to use the Align Technology Academy website portal and all students are encouraged to submit their treatments to the International Treatment Gallery after completion.

All graduates of the University Programme are also entitled to an Invisalign account to be activated after their graduation, which allows them to immediately treat patients using the Invisalign system. As an added bonus continuing education, including online and/or live educational events are provided to all the participating students and graduates of this programme.

Dr Stephen Chadwick, Consultant Orthodontist at the Countess of Chester Foundation Trust, one of the first universities to participate in the programme commented: “I am delighted Chester has been chosen for the Invisalign teaching programme. Students from the University of Liverpool and the University of Manchester come to Chester as part of their orthodontic post graduate degree. These students will have the opportunity to gain experience and confidence with the Invisalign orthodontic appliance. This would not be possible without the support of Align technology who have university programmes in the USA and Europe. I hope our collaboration can lead on to clinical research into how aligner treatment compares to fixed appliance therapy.”

Such has been the excitement from course participants that the first case treatment has already been submitted from Queen Mary’s Hospital and more are promised imminently.

For more information: An authorised member of the faculty of universities interested in adding Invisalign® to its orthodontic training curriculum is requested to email: eu-universities@aligntech for more information.