'El Dentista' Charged With Pulling Teeth In His Chevrolet

Sante Fe, New Mexico police arrested a man known as “El Dentista” who was practicing dental work (without a license, obvi) out of his car, complete with portable drill and other dental equipment.

That is totally, really gross. Most cars I know of have three-day old coffee cups and maybe their kids’ crumbs all over the back seat. Add blood, spit, painkillers, stuff that comes flying out of people’s mouths… you know what, I’ll just let the police themselves tell it, via local news station.

Now I don’t mean to knock the dental industry in general, as it provides a useful, necessary, and healthful service. That being said, I always hated the dentist. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anybody who actually liked the dentist. The high-pitch whirring of all the pieces of equipment, the plastic things they stick in your face to take an X-Ray, the nice lady who claimed to be cleaning my teeth but instead it just seemed like she was trying to make my gums bleed- all of it for that delayed gratification (the worst kind of gratification) of having teeth when I’m an Old.

Try to imagine all that in the back of some guy’s car. Oh, and he’d been doing it for at least the past five years. I get the lengths people go to when they don’t have insurance, but at least if you went down an alleyway looking for a root canal you can rest assured that the alleyway will remain stable at all times.

Understandably, police are looking for his victims.

Fuente: Jalopnik