How to Increase Productivity and Profit, While Working Less with Garrett B. Gunderson

This video is dental business success tip #2 in a series of 6 from Garrett B. Gunderson and Gary Kadi: “Dealing With Darrell and Debbie Downer”.

Many office environments may have experienced the Darrell or Debbie Downer… but for some reason just about every dental practice ends up with one, and the office downer has more of a negative impact on dental practices than they do on most other professions. Why? Because dental office success relies on the whole team functioning well and toward enthusiastic goals together. The Darrell and Debbie Downer sets the bar… the team can only be as good as it’s weakest link… and your practice is only as good as it’s team.

Here, in this video, are specific techniques you can use to approach an office downer and determine whether or not you may be able to continue to work with them.

Do you know Garrett Gunderson? If you don’t, please allow me to introduce him. Garrett is a remarkable energetic, positive, brilliant powerhouse. Garrett is the author of the New York Times best-selling personal finance book, Killing Sacred Cows. He produces an inspiring personal finance radio program, and is frequently seen being interviewed on TV. He is a Financial Advocate who is enthusiastically devoted to spreading knowledge and positivism to help others reach their business and personal financial and life goals.

Recently I was presented with an opportunity to get together with Garrett and I was impressed with how we both “clicked.” Besides his expertise in general personal finance and wealth building, he really understood the unique financial challenges that dentists face in their practices. One point we discussed was how so many dentists think they have to see more patients and work longer hours to bring in more money. Garrett reinforced that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the way it is. He looks at financial analyses and strategies with a deep and holistic approach that really resonated with me.

We really enjoyed connecting, and more than anything, I wanted to find a way to bring the value of Garrett’s insights and knowledge to you. Plus, in turn, I wanted to contribute value to Garrett’s audience. It was clear we were both on the same page and decided to work together to share our mutual insights with you. One of the projects that developed was this exciting series of 6 video segments, featuring Garrett and me, coming to you free, right here on the NextLevel Practice blog.

In this lively video series, Garrett and I discuss the challenges facing Dental Practices, and we give actionable steps and ideas that you can immediately use to enhance your outlook, enliven your team, and bring more focus to your office’s productivity. Increasing and implementing more effective productivity is one of the most important keys to building the success of your dental practice.

We know you and your practice will really benefit from receiving the valuable pointers featured in this enriching and fun video series.

I ALSO want to let you know about this additional special gift:

Garrett has made copies of his book, Killing Sacred Cows, available for free to our readers!

This New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller is loaded with financial insight. Take it from me, Garrett offers more than the typical wealth-building strategies you often hear from TV pundits like, “Stop buying lattes”… you won’t find run-of-the-mill financial advice from Garrett. We’re talking about a whole fresh paradigm with sophisticated, proven strategies to put thousands more per month into your bank account. It worked for me, many of the dentists in our program, and I’m confident it will work for you, too.

Source: Daily Blog