Treatment of Edentulous Patient with Two Roxolid® Soft Tissue Level Implants

In August 2009, a 57-years old caucasian woman attended the dental practice, asking for an upper and lower oral rehablitation with two complete removable prosthesis. She was non-smoker and not taking biphosphonates. She showed a systemic good health and was not suffering from any disease that would contradict implant therapy.

The patient had been already wearing two complete removable prosthesis; her main complaint was about the great instability of the lower prosthesis. Therefore, she was interested in the possibility of increasing the stability of the new lower prosthesis by using dental implants, and, if possible, avoiding an extensive surgery for bone augmentation.

The oral examination showed the absence of the complete dentition and a good condition of the mucosa (Figure 1). The orthopantomography (Figure 2) and the teleradiography (Figure 3) did not reveal any pathological aspect of the bone. The thin alveolar crest was an indication for the application of Roxolid® small diameter implants. The patient’s request for a minimal invasive surgery avoiding a larger bone augmentation procedure also has to be considered as a priority.