British Columbia dentist accused of practicing illegal dentistry turns himself in

For the past few months, Dentistry IQ has kept readers informed of a case unfolding in British Columbia. Dentist Tung Sheng "David" Wu was accused of practicing without a licence in unsanitary conditions after a former patient's complaint prompted a May investigation by the British Columbia Supreme Court, which discovered dirty equipment as well as drugs purchased online.

Wu tried to flee Canada after the accusations; his car was found and searched, but he had disappeared. He never showed up to a court trial in October. Despite not being present at the trial, Wu was sentenced in absentia to three months in prison.

The story went cold after that October court date. In November, unexpected events brought the story back into the international spotlight.

As Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story:
The rogue dentist turned himself in to authorities in Scarborough, Ontario on Saturday, November 16. Wu's actions surprised local police — a Canada-wide arrest warrant had been issued for Wu in August, but authorities had been unable to locate him.

According to Toronto Police Staff Sgt. Gerry Heaney, "He surprised us by turning himself in. There was no forewarning that he'd be coming in."

"Sometimes lawyers will contact and say, 'My client is turning themselves in, there's a warrant for their arrest.' He just appeared at our front counter and said I'm wanted by the police in British Columbia and I'm turning myself in based on the advice from legal counsel."

Wu, who had been barred from practicing dentistry in 2003, appeared in court on November 22.

Wu appeared in court wearing athletic wear but was without shoes; he did not speak while in court except to ask for an interpreter.
The sentence for Wu remains three months in jail.