New Book Chronicles the Innovations of the Father of Implant Dentistry

Few have had as much influence in modern dentistry as Dr. Leonard I. Linkow, a pioneer who single-handedly established implantology in the United States and introduced a wide-variety of techniques for oral operations that have improved the lives of countless patients. My Life, Times, and Legacy, by Dr. Linkow himself and his associate, Dr. Sheldon Winkler, is an account of these achievements complete with a full-colored illustrated review of the cutting-edge surgical procedures he developed.

The implantation methodologies covered in this book were developed by Dr. Linkow and tried and tested over a period of decades. Time and time again, they have proven themselves to be invaluable in alleviating the suffering of patients who would have had no other means of relief aside from these sophisticated procedures. One of the purposes of this book is to give dentistry neophytes an understanding of the principles of Dr. Linkow’s methods, and bring to light the plight of edentulous patients and their tremendous need for implants.

“There may be other inventions—future breakthroughs—that are waiting to be discovered. I certainly feel that today, with the greatest technological advances ever in all areas of science and medicine, it’s about time that the dental community realizes that there is much more to this profession than fillings and extractions,” Dr. Linkow shares.

With its account of the career and innovations of one of modern dentistry’s greatest pioneers, My Life, Times, and Legacy is an enlightening discourse into an often overlooked but nonetheless vital field of medical science. Neophytes and veterans of dentistry alike will certainly find much to learn in Dr. Linkow and Dr. Winkler’s collaborative work.

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