Clinical, radiological and histological features of calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor: case report

Nearly 200 cases of calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor (CEOT) have been reported in the literature since Pindborg described it as a separate pathologic entity in 1955. It has been identified under different denominations, such as ameloblastoma of unusual type with calcification, calcifying ameloblastoma, malignant odontoma and cystic complex odontoma, and has also been considered as a variant of simple ameloblastoma. The eponym Pindborg Tumor was first introduced to the literature in 1967 to describe this interesting and unique odontogenic tumor.

The CEOT is a benign odontogenic tumor of epithelial origin that accounts for approximately 1% of all odontogenic tumors and characteristically contains calcifying masses or homogeneous acellular material within the tumor epithelium and stroma.