Smile analysis following orthognathic surgery

Facial esthetics is a rather subjective concept among individuals, influenced by the characteristics imposed by their society, as parameters to perceive beauty. Among these concepts, smile is essential in the definition of a harmonious face. Smile usually translates a state of soul, confirming that man is the only living being endowed with emotional intelligence, capable of expressing his feelings in a unique fashion. Most people seeking dental assistance wish to improve their facial esthetics and specially their smile, to be inserted in the society they belong to. Thus, the orthodontist must be skilled to recognize the therapeutic goals in an individualized form, so as to reestablish facial harmony within patients’ expectations.

Currently, a pleasant smile, mainly influenced by the beauty standards imposed by the media, is characterized by the presence of bulky, perfectly aligned and leveled teeth in the dental arch4. In this context, individuals presented with dentofacial deformities and skeletal alterations related to malocclusion, quite often have an unpleasant smile. Hence, orthognathic surgery plays an important role in the reestablishment of facial harmony and the stomatognathic system.