Anterior open bite - cephalometric evaluation of the dental pattern

The anteroposterior positioning and axial inclination of the maxillary and mandibular incisors are important in the diagnosis and orthodontic treatment planning of Class I malocclusions with anterior open bite. Anterior open bite is a malocclusion characterized by a deviation in the vertical relationship between the maxillary and mandibular dental arches, with absence of contact between the incisal edges of the maxillary and mandibular teeth in the vertical plane. It may be a disturbance in skeletal development or only malpositioning of the anterior teeth, caused by thumb or pacifier sucking, infantile swallowing, speech disturbances and/or tongue thrusting.

The influence of oral habits on the incisors may lead to alterations in the occlusal plane, which may be inclined upward and forward, altering the ratio between the upper and lower anterior facial heights. Trouten et al. observed that, in the presence of anterior open bite, the curve of Spee was absent or negative. However, there was an accentuated curve in the presence of deep bite.