Inflammation markers in healthy and periodontitis patients. A preliminary data screening

Periodontitis is a group of inflammatory diseases that affect the connective tissue attachment and supporting bone around the teeth. It results from interactions between periodontal microflora and the multifaceted response of the host. Initiation and progression of periodontitis are dependent on the presence of virulent microorganisms capable of causing disease. Although bacteria are initiating agents in periodontitis, host response to the pathogenic infection is critical to disease progression.

Over the last 50 years, the prevailing view among dentists and physicians has been that periodontal infections are localized only to the marginal periodontium and that, as such, they rarely have systemic implications in healthy individuals. More recent evidence, however, has indicated that periodontitis patients present increased systemic inflammation, as indicated by elevated serum levels of various inflammatory markers when compared to those in unaffected control populations.