Mother, can't chew any food - and faces £20,000 dental bill - after having so many filings that her teeth crumbled

A mother has been left unable to chew food and is facing a £20,000 dental bill after dentists filled her teeth so many times they disintegrated.

Emma Tait, 30, began visiting the dentist at the age of ten and says she had had all of her teeth filled by the time she was just 13 after years of not brushing her teeth properly. But the administration assistant claims NHS dentists continued re-fill her teeth instead of crowning them, causing them all to crumble.

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She says she is now facing a £20,000 dentistry bill in order to be able to sit and enjoy a meal with her partner and two children. The mother has been left unable to chew meals after all of her molars fell out and a dentist has now told her this wouldn’t have happened if the teeth had been crowned rather than refilled.

She said: ‘When I was in my mid-20s a dentist said to me that it was a shame dentists didn’t give me crowns when I was younger.

‘They probably just assumed that I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for them because I was quite young, but it could have saved my teeth.
‘It takes me a lot longer than everyone else to eat a meal and I have to chew everything lots of times.

‘It normally takes me a good half an hour to eat my dinner - usually everyone is still waiting for me to finish.

‘It gets to the point that my jaw is so painful I just give up eating - salad is the worst because you have to chew it so many times. ‘It is a pain but I’ve kind of just got used to it over the years. Eating anything like tough meat is pretty much completely out of the question.
‘It can quite often be painful but it goes through stages and it has got to the point now where I don’t notice it as much as I used to. ‘I have a lot of problems with my gums as well - they quite often bleed and they are sore and painful.’

Ms Tait, from Weston-super-Mare, has now decided to ditch the NHS and go private in an attempt reinstate her teeth. She claims her remaining teeth will need to be restored at the cost of £11,000 and a brace will have to be fitted, with a price tag of £4,000.

Experts are then hopeful she can be fitted with two implants at a sum of £4,600 - allowing her to chew food once again. Though excited about the prospect of being able to smile with pride again, Ms Tait says she is worried about financing the treatment. She said: ‘I only have front teeth left on the bottom now and all of my top teeth are starting to fall out which is what spurred me on to find out what I can do to save them.

‘They basically told me that the best thing I can do now is have a brace fitted to put the teeth I have left into the position they should be in - then I’ll be able to have dentures.

‘But before I can have braces my teeth need to be secured so the fillings need to be redone and ideally they need to be crowned. ‘I was originally quoted £11,000 to have all the work done before the brace just to stabilise all the teeth I do have.

‘Paying is going to be a problem - I think we’re going to have to take it as it comes but I have looked into taking finance out and then more finance once that’s run out.
‘I can’t afford it but at the same time I need teeth really.’ Ms Tait claims that the treatment will not only enable her to eat a meal with her loved ones, but it will also boost her diminishing confidence.

She said: ‘I have always considered myself to have bad teeth - I really don’t like smiling. Because of the way my teeth are my lips don’t come together. ‘It does affect my confidence - I don’t like to smile because I feel like I look like a horse.

‘The aim is to get the work started next month getting all the root treatments and stuff done - hopefully that will put my teeth in a temporary state of health ready to have a brace fitted.’