DENTAL NEWS: Kissimmee man arrested, accused of performing dental work out of home

A Kissimmee man is facing charges after investigators said he was running an illegal dental practice out of his home.


Gustavo Hernan Aranguren, 43, was jailed on charges of practicing dentistry without a license. Osceola County Investigative Bureau agents said they received an anonymous tip in January that Aranguren might be operating an unlicensed dental office out of his Coralwood Court home, in Kissimmee. Agents said they learned that Aranguren was not licensed to practice dentistry in Florida.

“He indicated that he was an orthodontist in Uruguay, he was currently in the process of applying for dental schools in the U.S.,” said Twis Lizasuain, with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. “Previously he had been a technician at a dentist office locally.”

Authorities sais his operation was illegal, however, because he doesn’t have a license in Florida.
On May 16, agents went to Aranguren's home, where he admitted to performing dental work, they said.
Investigators said a search of the house turned up a room set up as a dentist office with a dental chair, dental drill and other dental equipment, including an X-ray machine.

They said a computer containing before and after pictures of teeth was also found. Investigators are still working to find out how he obtained the equipment. According to investigators, agents also found dental medications including prescription drugs. Investigators said Aranguren said he provided dental services for 15-20 people and said most of his work was orthodontics.

Neighbors said they noticed a lot of people going in and out of the home, but never suspected an unlicensed dentist’s office was hidden in their neighborhood. “I’m the secretary of the board of directors for the community and if we would have known, we would have stopped it right away, but we had no clue,” said Siegfried Tomazsewski.

According to investigators, Aranguren said he performed X-rays and did fillings and other dental procedures.
Agents said they also found around $112,800 in the house. Aranguren turned himself in to the Orange County Jail.