Dental News: French boy fakes kidnapping to avoid visiting dentist

A 12-year-old French boy invented a detailed kidnapping story as he was afraid to go to the dentist, leading to a one-month police investigation.

The boy in the Alpine village St Gervais was picked up by police, who spotted him hiding, as they patrolled through the village on May 21.

When quizzed by the cops the youngster claimed he had been abducted from the nearby town of Bagnols.

He told officers he was going to his dental appointment when a man pulled up to ask directions. The boy said he was forced into the man's car after a brief exchange.

He claimed that he managed to escape when the car stopped in Saint Gervais, 'The Local' reported.

The boy even provided a detailed description of the man who had abducted him.

He described the man as European looking, in his thirties, of muscular build and standing 5-feet-7-inches tall, with a vertical scar on his right cheek.

The kidnapper was wearing a black shirt and light jeans, according to the boy.

The boy also handed over details of the car the man was driving and what happened during the abduction, according to French paper Midi Libre.

The police treated the case seriously and spent a month investigating. After reviewing CCTV images from the town of Bagnols they realised something was not quite right.

After questioning the boy admitted this week that he had invented the whole story because he had been afraid to go to his appointment at the dentist.