San Diego Zoo's panda Bai Yun undergoes dental procedure to fix broken tooth

It has been reported on Wednesday that Bai Yung, 23, a female panda at the San Diego Zoo, underwent a dental procedure as one chipped tooth needed to be fixed so that she could eat her favorite food, bamboo.Sources reported that the female panda was given anesthesia so that the team of veterinarians could perform the dental procedure on her. Bai Yung's tooth was filled with a dental composite so that the tooth could be repaired. The veterinary team also cleaned her teeth and took several X-rays of her teeth.

One of the zoo keepers said that a chipped tooth causes lot of inconvenience to all the animals but a bad tooth for a panda is much miserable because pandas spend most of their day's time chewing and eating more and more bamboo to extract the nutrition from them.
Giant pandas can spend up to 12 hours a day on eating, chewing and breaking the bamboos apart.

Sources reported that the zoo keepers noticed a chip in Bai Yung's lower canines and referred a veterinarian.

Meg Sutherland-Smith, Associate Director of veterinary services at the San Diego Zoo, said, "The good news is the pulp canal hadn't been compromised, but it's very close to breaking into the pulp canal".

Adding to it, he said that they aimed at carry out a procedure that could cover the chipped part of the tooth that could prevent further damage to the tooth.

It has been reported that these giant pandas are on a research loan from the People's Republic of China. The Zoo in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Science is studying the behavior, ecology, genetics and conservation of the wild pandas.
Sources disclosed that there are only 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild and the species is believed to be threatened by the habitat loss.

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