Years of dental hell leave Liverpool woman's mouth looking like a "oral bombsite"

A woman whose teeth were virtually ALL obliterated because of alleged botched dentistry had to re-mortgage her house to raise the £30,000 to fix them. Rose Devereux now fears losing her home after years of treatment which left her mouth looking like an ‘oral bombsite.’ When the dental practice manager studied the mess, he admitted: “I’ve got 22 years experience in this profession, but I wouldn’t know where to start with this.” Dentist Janakan Siva is being investigated by the General Dentistry Council (GDC) and was also subject to a probe by NHS England.

These alarming pictures of 49-year-old Rose’s mouth reveal a bottom row of teeth virtually destroyed by terrible gum disease and crowns covering a similar story of dental disaster on the top row. Social worker Rose had all her lower teeth removed and needed bone grafts as she obliviously remained with the same dentist for eight years. The married mother-of-three suffered 50 per cent bone loss, because of untreated gum disease, wrongly placed implants, and teeth left fractured in half.

Rose also suffered potentially-associated other health problems, with constant hip pain, splitting headaches and severe mobility difficulties. Disintegrating abscesses have drained into her body, effectively poisoning her, as she was frequently unable to lift her left leg to put socks on. Since quitting Menlove Avenue Dental Practice, in Allerton, her long-standing ailments have gradually disappeared. Her ordeal comes on the back of alarming figures obtained by the ECHO which reveal that complaints to the General Dentistry Council are rising steadily – and were up by a massive 44 per cent this year. Complaints to the watchdog have increased by 144 per cent in just EIGHT YEARS.

Rose told the ECHO: “I’ve been often in absolute agony. “I would not want anyone else to go through the hell I’ve endured. “I’ve never been chasing an aesthetic look, I’ve been chasing merely to get out of pain. “Now, I’m in massive debt because i just wanted to have normal and healthy teeth. This has had a huge impact on my life.”

Rose complained to the General Dentistry Council, who confirmed to the ECHO Mr Siva is registered with them. He has since quit the practice and taken up a new post in another practice in St Helens to work on more patients’ teeth. He was suspended by NHS England during the summer, over an unknown matter unrelated to treatment, and barred from working at all Merseyside practices. Mr Siva was subsequently exonerated of any wrongdoing in relation to that separate probe, but the GDC enquiry continues.

Rose, from Wavertree, Liverpool, has now been forced to shell out £30,000 to pay a top UK dental specialist in Manchester to correct the treatment. She added: “My headaches have gone, my stomach is no longer swollen. “Doctors were saying I needed a hip replacement at 49! Now, it’s fine. “There was abscess puss seeping into my system from his work, making me ill. “Once I went to Glastonbury and the on-site doctor had to superglue my teeth in, things had got so bad.”

Mrs Devereux wants any other patients who believe they have been affected by alleged bad dental treatment to contact both the General Dental Council, on 020 7167 6000, NHS England on 111, or email The practice manager at Menlove Avenue told the ECHO: “The dentist in question had been with this practice for numerous years but handed his notice in. “We raised concerns about his treatment to the local health authority. It was clearly below standard. “I had a look at Mrs Devereux’s mouth and referred her to a specialist. “We will support her in any way we can.”

A spokesperson for NHS England (Merseyside) said: “We are committed to ensuring our patients have access to quality primary care services and follow up all complaints/concerns from patients.”

She added, in connection to their non-treatment related probe: “NHS England, Merseyside, completed a full investigation in to the complaint. No issues relating to patient safety were found and as such the case has been closed.”

Mr Siva, and the Dental Defence Union who are supporting him, declined to comment about the matter and the ongoing GDC investigation concerning Rose’s teeth.

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