DENTAL NEWS: Dental decay rampant in Calgary children, pediatric dentist says

Dentists and dental hygienists are seeing an increase in child tooth decay and Dr. Sarah Hulland says the decision to remove fluoride from Calgary's water supply three years ago is playing a big role.

Dental decay rampant

“I'm seeing a lot more children having a lot more cavities,” she said. "I'm seeing a lot of decay on 19- to 20-month babies, and this is even before they've got all the teeth in."

Hulland said the system is getting stressed. "We frequently have to put them to sleep to rehabilitate them. We don't have enough anaesthetists that actually help us to put them to sleep. We don't have enough OR time. We don't have enough manpower to actually do the care that needs to be given."

What used to be a one-month wait to see a pediatric dentist in Calgary is now at least three months, Hulland said. Cavities are a common sight on the Alex Dental Health Bus, said Denise Kokaram who runs the program.The bus visits schools around the city, helping children from families that can't always afford a trip to a dentist. “These children are living in pain,” Kokaram said.

More than half of the children who get treated on the bus have tooth decay, she said. “We see lower self-esteem with these kids, attention spans are affected. Loss of days at school." Calgary's medical health officer Dr. Richard Musto is also concerned. "I hope that we'll have a chance down the road to have another discussion with the city about re-introducing it,” he said. That could happen in the spring, when a study looking at Calgary's tooth decay rates is complete.