PDF: COMPOSITE VENEERS - The direct-indirect technique

Direct composite
resin restorations currently provide long-term, affordable esthetics when utilized in the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable clinician. 

Indirect restorations also certainly provide excellent esthetics with distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to direct restorations.

This book covers the concept of combining both approaches into a direct-indirect procedure with composite resin, a technique unfamiliar to many dental practitioners. 

The direct-indirect procedure allows the practitioner the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skill of direct resin placement with the precision and convenience of indirect finishing and cementation.

I am very pleased that Drs Newton Fahl and André Ritter have chosen to write the first textbook that presents the unique combination of these procedures. 

Both authors bring years of recognized excellence in practice and a wealth of knowledge and experience with composite resin systems, as well as the respect of clinicians worldwide.

Although perhaps best known for his effective clinical abilities, lecturing, and demonstration skills with direct composite resin restorations, Dr Fahl has utilized the direct-indirect restoration technique for many years with great success in his practice.

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