PDF: Chronic idiopathic orofacial pain: I - What is the evidence base?

Chronic idiopathic orofacial pain is currently a problem for the specialists, but is this type of disorder peculiar to the face, and is there a role for the general dental practitioner?. 

This article reviews the current understanding and management of medically
unexplained syndromes and discusses their application in facial pain.

A second article will merge this contemporary theory and clinical evidence into a management strategy, and stress the importance of early intervention in the primary care setting.

In brief
• Disparate modes of treatment are largely equivalent in efficacy.
• Psychological distress is likely to follow the onset of pain rather than vice versa.
• Facial pain has many features in common with other chronic pain conditions.
• Education and self-management are of proven benefit in chronic pain.

G. Madland,1 T. Newton-John,2 and C. Feinmann,3
1Clinical Tutor in Oral Medicine, Eastman Dental
Institute & Hospital, 256 Gray’s Inn Road, London
WC1X 8LD, and Research Fellow in Health
Psychology, Royal Free & University College Medical
School, 2nd Floor, 48 Riding House Street, London
W1N 8AA; 2Consultant in Clinical Psychology,
Eastman Dental Institute & Hospital; 3*Reader in
Psychriatry, Eastman Dental Institute & Hospital,
and Royal Free & University College Medical School

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