DENTISTRY BOOKS: Extraction of Third Molars - Easy Simple Safe Efficient Minimally Invasive & Atraumatic - 2018

To contain 800 wisdom tooth extraction cases and 4,000 photographs and pictures. To provide confidence in third molar extractions for GPs. 

Easier, faster, and safer extraction knowhow for OMFSs. Best seller book about third molar extraction.


01. Advantages of Wisdom Tooth Extraction 
02. Interpretation of Wisdom Teeth on Panoramic Radiographs 
03. Wisdom Tooth Coronectomy 
04. Anesthesia, Incision, Surgical Flap Design, Suture for Wisdom Tooth Extraction 
05. How to use the extraction instruments properly ‘Elevator, Handpiece and Forceps’ 
06. Extraction of a Vertically Impacted Mandibular Third molar 
07. Mesioangular Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction 
08. Horizontal Impacted Tooth 
09. Upper Third Molar 
10. Common Problems related to Extractions of Third Molars 

Appendix. Issues with Third Molars

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