PDF: General principles for complete crown preparations

Dental preparations must be carried out according to previously established scientific principles, which are: mechanical, biological and aesthetic. This constitutes one of the most important stages in the construction of a dental prosthesis, either as an individual crown or a fixed dental prosthesis retainer.

The metal-ceramic crown has always been the full-coverage restoration most used in dentistry, and is still considered the “gold standard” because it derives its aesthetics from natural appearance due to the translucence of the ceramic and the strength of the metallic substructure.

At the present time the development of reinforced vitreous ceramics such as lithium disilicate allow the construction of metal free crowns with satisfactory esthetics and mechanical properties to make single crowns and short extension fixed dental prostheses in the anterior area with similar clinical survival to the metal-ceramic crown.

Izquierdo Cristian M,1 Gallego Juan G 2
Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation, University of the Valley, Costa Rica 
Dentist, Santiago de Cali University, Colombia
Correspondence: Izquierdo Cristian M, University of the Valley, F. Cordova 1-79, Costa Rica, Tel 593998781583, Email khristian_cuenca@hotmail.com
Received: August 03, 2018 | Published: August 27, 2018
Journal of Dental Health Oral Disorders & Therapy

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