ORTHODONTIC: Lingual Treatment to correct a midline diastema

An adult might reject the whole plan of treatment because of the need to wear fixed orthodontic appliances for long period of time.

The invisible lingual orthodontic appliance is currently the only viable alternative to the traditional labial appliance for efficient treatment of such complex conditions in adults. 

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One of the goals of orthodontic treatment is to achieve maxillary and mandibular midlines that are coincident- both with each other and with the facial midline.

Coincident midlines serve both a functional and an esthetic purpose. Coincident midlines are an important functional component of occlusion and can be used as a clinical guide in establishing good buccal interdigitation. Esthetically, the midline is the most important focal spot in the smile.

Esthetics in dentistry has increasingly become a major concern for patients and often serves as a primary reason for seeking dental care. Dental esthetics can affect not only facial but also social attractiveness. Shaw et al8 showed that persons with normal incisor relationships were viewed as being friendlier, popular, intelligent, and in a higher social class than those with an abnormal dental arrangement.

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