DENTAL BOOKS: Dental Photography Manual - Kris Chmielewski

Dental photography
requires basic knowledge about general photographic rules, but also proper equipment and a digital workflow are important.

In this manual you will find practical information about recommended equipment, settings, and accessories. For success with clinical photo documentation, consistency is the key.

The shots and views presented here are intended as recommendations. While documenting cases, it is very important to compose the images in a consistent manner, so that the results or stages of the treatment can easily be compared.

Don’t stop documenting if a failure occurs. It’s even more important to document such cases because of their high educational value.

Dr. Kris Chmielewski, DDS, MSc
Educational Director of Dental Photo Master

For dental photography, you need a camera with a dedicated macro lens and flash. The equipment presented in these pages is intended to serve as a guide that can help with selection of similar products from other manufacturers.

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