PDF: Conservative treatment of the Dentigerous Cyst: report of two cases

Dentigerous cyst is the most common odontogenic development cyst. It can involve any included tooth, although molars and canines are the most affected ones. 

Cystic formation involving the crown of premolars and incisives is rare. The classic treatment for dentigerous cysts is enucleation and extraction of the involved tooth.

In large cysts, an initial marsupialization can reduce the size of the bone defect before definitive enucleation.

Since this cyst has a large prevalence in children, marsupialization can be advisable as definitive treatment to allow the eruption of the permanent tooth involved.

Children have a great regenerative potential and tooth with incomplete root development maintain the eruptive strenght. 

The aim of this article is to present the cases of two children who presented large dentigerous cyst associated to teeth where the incidence of this lesion is not so common.

Each cyst was treated by different surgical techniques, marsupialization and decompression.

These children had their permanent teeth erupted and they were functional in the dental arch in just six months.

This paper also illustrates how these easy therapies are considered important and conservative modalities to approach this pathology.