DENTAL LIBRARY: Scientific Publications of ORAL MEDICINE in PDF FREE to download and share

Oral Medicine aims to provide the necessary knowledge of Oral Pathology, as well as the implications that other Systemic Pathologies have in the Oral Cavity, in order to be able to develop our professional work with ease and safety.

Because we Dentists are health professionals, and there are diseases in which the first manifestation occurs in the Oral Cavity, we must know how to diagnose, plan and carry out, in general, a multidisciplinary, sequential and integrated treatment of limited complexity in patients of all ages and conditions and in patients with special needs (diabetic, hypertensive, oncological, transplanted, immunosuppressed, anticoagulated, among others) or disabled.

The following list of scientific articles have been classified for the benefit of the dental community, more than 20 articles in PDF are available to download and share for FREE.

► DENS IN DENTE: Maxillary Lateral Incisor

► CONGENITAL EPULIS: A rare benign tumor in the newborn

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