PDF: Intraosseous Lipoma of the mandible: A diagnostic challenge

Lipomas are common benign soft tissue neoplasms composed of mature adipose tissue with no evidence of cellular atipia.

Their overall incidence in the oral cavity ranges between 1% and 4.4% of all benign tumors, occurring in major salivary glands, buccal mucosa, lip, tongue, palate, vestibule, and floor of the mouth.

Despite the large amount of bone marrow in the human skeleton, intraosseous lipoma is considered infrequent accounting for less than 0.1% of all primary tumors of the bones.

They occur more often in the metaphysis of long bones and calcaneous, with just 16 reported cases in mandible.

According to Cakarer et al. the etiology and characteristics of the jaw lesions are not clear, stating the importance of documentation of each new case of intraosseous mandibular lipoma. 

Based on these findings, we present a rare case of mandibular lipoma.

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