PDF: Dental age estimation in children and adolescents

Forensic Odontology is the branch of dentistry which in the interest of justice deals with the proper handling and examination of dental evidence, and with the proper evaluation and presentation of dental findings. 

Forensic is derived from the Latin word forum which means “court of law”. Odontology refers to the study of teeth. Age estimation forms an important part of forensic medicine and odontology for identification of deceased victims and also for crimes and accidents. 

A forensic age estimate of a living person for the purpose of criminal prosecution should consist of: a physical examination that also records anthropometric data, any age-relevant developmental disorders and signs of sexual maturation, an X-ray examination of the left hand, dental examination that records dentition status and evaluates an orthopantomograph.

Age estimation can be done by using teeth, ossification of bones, height and weight data and miscellaneous data.

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