PDF: Endodontics - Treatment Standards

A variety of endodontic techniques, materials and treatment philosophies present a challenge to dental practitioners, patients, governing bodies and other interested parties making decisions about the appropriateness and/or quality of endodontic care.

Endodontic treatment procedures should be of such quality that predictable and favorable results will occur with the understanding that in a biologic system treatment procedure that are appropriate may not always result in a successful outcome. Success is dependent on many variables that may preclude a successful outcome.

These factors include but are not limited to the patient’s medical and dental condition, patient compliance, variations in anatomy and morphology, and complications during the procedure.

When practitioners are presented with challenges during treatment that risk procedural errors and poor outcomes, consultation and referral are always valid options.

General dentists must recognize that pulp and periradicular pathosis is primarily a microbial disease. Strict adherence to aseptic procedures to include the use of the rubber dam is required.

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