PDF: Review Article on the All-On-Four Treatment Concept in Dental Implants

Edentulism, a condition characterized by the absence of teeth, signifi cantly impacts facial aesthetics, eating effi ciency, and speech fluency, thereby diminishing the quality of life.

This paper aims to explore the All-On-Four Treatment Concept in Dental Implants, a promising solution to this issue.

The All-On-Four approach, though complex, off ers a pathway to restore smile and functionality by using four strategically positioned implants to hold a temporary prosthesis. 

This prosthesis is later replaced by a permanent version after approximately four months. 

This swift oral restoration technique signifi cantly enhances a patient’s self-confidence and overall life quality.

The significance of this treatment lies in its potential to provide a less invasive and more affordable solution for severe jawbone atrophy, where the proximity of critical anatomical structures and compromised bone conditions may hinder other prosthetic solutions. 

The paper concludes with a discussion on the potential of the All-On-Four treatment to revolutionize dental implant procedures, offering a beacon of hope for individuals suffering from edentulism. 

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