PDF: Periodontal Health and Orthodontics

The most common objectives of an orthodontic treatment are facial and dental aesthetics and the improvement in the masticatory function. There is a continuously increasing number of adult patients who actively seek orthodontic treatment, and it is also an undeniable fact that the incidence of periodontal disease increases with age. 

Therefore, the number of patients with periodontal problems that attend orthodontic practices is significantly greater than in the past.

There are many links between periodontology and orthodontics. After all, every orthodontic intervention has a periodontal dimension: orthodontic biomechanics and treatment planning are basically determined by periodontal factors such as the length and shape of the roots, the width and height of the alveolar bone, and the structure of the gingiva.

The main objective of periodontal therapy is to restore and maintain the health and integrity of the attachment apparatus of teeth. Additionally, orthodontic therapy can facilitate management of several restorative and aesthetic problems relating to fractured teeth, tipped abutment teeth, excess spacing, inadequate pontic space, malformed teeth, and diastema.

Mourad Sebbar, Zouhair Abidine,
Narjisse Laslami and Zakaria Bentahar
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