PDF: The dental management of a Mouth Cancer patient

Dentists and dental care professionals have a key role to play in the journey of the mouth cancer patient. Involved in the prevention, diagnosis and delivery of oral healthcare before, during and following mouth cancer treatment, dental professionals are essential to the delivery of patient care. 

This article will explore and consider the priorities of dental preassessment and the subsequent delivery of oral healthcare in the context of the different oncology treatment strategies utilised and in end-of-life care. 

The significant side effects of radiotherapy will be reviewed and clinical dental considerations presented using the existing evidence base and available guidelines. Ensuring mouth cancer does not result in dental disease is an important role for all members of the dental community.

N. G. Beacher*1 and M. P. Sweeney1
1 University of Glasgow Dental School, School of Medicine,
College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, Glasgow, UK
*Correspondence to: Nicholas Graham Beacher
Email: Nicholas.Beacher@glasgow.ac.uk

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