PDF: Pulpotomy versus pulpectomy in the treatment of vital pulp exposure in primary incisors

Early childhood caries is a serious public health problem in both developing and industrialized countries. When caries extend to involve the pulp, various forms of pulp treatment are tried to stimulate tooth repair.

The choice of proper technique is as important as choosing between different pharmacotherapeutic agents used in treatment of primary teeth.

Although pulpotomy is the treatment of choice for vital primary tooth pulp exposure but there is a trend among many dentists to perform pulpectomies for pulp treatment of vital primary anterior teeth. 

This study aimed to assess the effect of pulpotomy and pulpecomy in treatment of carious vital pulp exposure in primary incisors.

Although pulpotomy is the treatment of choice for vital primary tooth pulp exposure throughout the pediatric dental literature, the current trend amongst many dentists is to perform pulpectomies for the pulp treatment of carious vital primary anterior teeth.

The most common materials used for pulpotomy are formocresol, ferric sulfate, also calcium hydroxide has been used, but with less long term success and more recently mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) which is much more expensive.

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