PDF: Esthetics In Compelete Denture – A Review

Esthetics is Greek word “aisthetikos”, means perceptive. It pertains to the sense of the beautiful or the science which deduces from nature and taste the rules and principles of art. 

The term esthetics was coined in 1950 the term in later years was related to the fine arts as the theory of beauty. Webster‟s third new international dictionary defines “esthetics” as appreciative of, responsive to, or zealous about the beautiful, having a sense of beauty or fine culture. According to Glossary of Prosthodontics esthetics is defined as pertaining to the study of beauty and the sense of beautiful.

In 17th century London's Peter de la Roche was believed to be one of the first 'operators for the teeth', men who publicized themselves as specialists in dental work. In 1728, Pierre Fauchard described the construction of Dentures using a metal frame.

Patient evaluation is the first step to be carried out in treating a patient. Jamieson stated that “fitting the personality of the aged patient is often more difficult than fitting the denture to the mouth”. Burns noted that “the psychological concept of self and body image is totally involved in esthetics” Frush observes, “A smile can be attractive, a prime asset to person‟s appearance, and it can be powerful factor in the ego and desirable life experience of human being. It cannot be treated with indifference because of its deep emotional significance.

C P Owen

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