PDF: Surgical Management of Impacted Canines: A Literature Review and Case Presentations

It has been well reported in the literature that proper development of the canine teeth plays a major role in esthetics as well as in establishing proper dental arch form.

When canines are impacted, they can present significant functional and esthetic dilemmas to the patient and clinician.

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Therefore, proper management of impacted teeth is important to achieve long-term success, functionally and esthetically. 

The current article describes the development, incidence, etiology and diagnosis of the impacted canine.

It highlights the steps required for proper clinical and radiographic examinations and surgical intervention selection based on the literature available.

A series of clinical cases are used to highlight the appropriate surgical intervention to obtain predictable outcomes.

This article reviews canine impactions and surgical interventions based on the position of the impacted canine supported by clinical case presentations. 

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