DENTAL BOOKS: The Foundation of Profitable Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Building & Sustaining Profitability Through Any Crisis - Bita Saleh

The Foundation of Profitable Dentistry is the ultimate guide to becoming an effective leader and a profitable dental practice owner.

A dentist’s loving, sincere, and calm presence and ability to foster strong relationships will be appreciated by their patients and reciprocated by their loyalty and many referrals.

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At the end of The Foundation of Profitable Dentistry, dentists see, know, and trust themselves as a leader. Throughout, dentists discover their values, boundaries, and what makes life fulfilling and complete for them. 

The Foundation of Profitable Dentistry also helps them to naturally discover with ease, clarity, and confidence the most resonant next steps for creating and maintaining a stress-free and profitable practice. 

Within its pages, Bita Saleh, D.D.S. teaches dentists: 

* How to hire and retain the right employees; 
* How to identify and attract ideal new patients to their practice; 
* How to increase treatment plan acceptance; 
* How to increase production and collection and decrease overhead; and 
* How to make sound financial arrangements with patients and decrease no shows and last-minute cancellations.

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