PDF: A Guide to Complete Denture Prosthetics - Urban Christen DD RCS VITA

The aim of this Complete Denture Prosthetics Guide is to inform on the development and implementation of the fundamental principles for the fabrication of complete dentures.

In this manual the reader will find suggestions concerning clnical cases which present in daily practice.

Its many features include an introduction to the anatomy of the human masticatory system, explanations of its functions and problems encountered on the path to achieving well functioning complete dentures.

The majority of complete denture cases which present in everyday practice can be addressed with the aid of knowledge contained in this instruction manual. 

Of course a central recommendation is that there be as close as possible collaboration between dentist and dental technician, both with each other and with the patient.

This provides the optimum circumstances for an accurate and seamless flow of information. It follows also that to invest the time required to learn and absorb the patient’s dental history as well as follow the procedural chain in the fabrication procedure will always bring the best possible results.

Complete dentures are restorations which demand a high degree of knowledge and skill from their creators. Each working step must yield the maximum result, the sum of which means an increased quality of life for the patient.

In regard to the choice of occlusal concept is to be used, is a question best answered by the dentist and dental technician working together as a team. 

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