PDF: Prosthodontic Management of Combination Syndrome Case with Metal Reinforced Maxillary Complete Denture and Mandibular Teeth supported Overdenture

Combination syndrome (or what also can be called anterior hyper function syndrome) is referred to these cases with an edentulous maxilla opposed by a partially dentate mandible.

This syndrome presents a considerable challenge to the prosthodontits due to progressive destructive changes that are associated with it. 

These associated signs and symptoms render the prosthetic management more difficult and even though it is more reliable to use dental implants to support and retain the prostheses, some cases still need the conventional prosthetic treatment for medical or economic reasons.

This case report illustrates the management of a patient who presented with a completely edentulous maxillary arch opposing a partially dentate mandibular arch with a metal reinforced maxillary complete denture and a mandibular tooth supported overdenture. 

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