DENTAL IMPLANT: Who is a good candidate? - Smiles Peru

In general, anyone missing at least one tooth and healthy enough to undergo routine dental treatment is likely to be able to undergo the procedure.

However, there are some medical conditions that warrant special consideration: certain chronic diseases, heavy smoking or alcohol abuse may contraindicate dental implants. 

If you already wear dentures but are psychologically uncomfortable with them or find them physically difficult, you should strongly consider implants. One is never too old for the procedure.

However, keep in mind the patient will need to have the patience to wait at least four months for the entire dental implant process to be completed. 

What if I have been told I lack adequate bone to support implants? 

Fortunately, our implant surgeon is a maxillofacial surgeon with a great deal of experience with difficult implant cases. 

Combining the use of the 3D CT scan, the variety of different implant sizes available today, and the use of sinus lifts and bone grafts in the form of bone blocks or granular bone, our implant surgeon successfully places implants in the most difficult cases. 

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