PDF: Chronic Temporomandibular Pain Treatment Using Sodium Diclofenac

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are a subgroup of musculoskeletal and rheumatologic disturbs that affects the orofacial region (Mohl, 1993; Macfarlane et al., 2001).


They are characterized by masticatory muscle pain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and usually restricted to head and neck (Capra & Ro, 2004). 

In Dentistry, temporomandibular pain is the second most frequent complain, only less common than dental pain (Harris, 1987). 

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Masticatory muscle pain is probably consequence of traumas or algogenic substances release derived of overloaded activity. Those events could cause microlesions on myofibrils and the release of inflammatory

mediators, like bradikinin and prostaglandin E2, that induce and facilitate nociception and lead to an inhibitory reflex activity of muscular activity in the central nervous system (Arendt-Nielsen & Graven-Nielsen, 2008; Dina et al., 2008; Costigan et al., 2009).

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