PDF: Endodontics - Obturation of Root Canal Systems

The purpose of the obturation phase of endodontic treatment is to prevent the reinfection of root canals that have been biomechanically cleaned, shaped and disinfected by instrumentation, irrigation and medication procedures.

Successful obturation requires the use of materials and techniques capable of densely filling the entire root canal system and providing a fluid tight seal from the apical segment of the canal to the cavo-surface margin in order to prevent reinfection.

This also implies that an adequate coronal filling or restoration be placed to prevent oral bacterial microleakage. 

It has been shown that endodontic treatment success is dependent both on the quality of the obturation and the final restoration.

The quality of the endodontic obturation is usually evaluated using radiographic images upon completion.

Additionally, during the root canal preparation and obturation phases of treatment, clinical criteria can be identified that are essential for achieving an adequate root canal obturation.