PDF: Aging and the Periodontium

The geriatric population has been growing fast over the last decades in Brazil and all over the world, changing demographics.

Additionally, increased knowledge and the advances of modern dentistry have led the old population to retain more natural teeth, needing specialized dental services for a longer time. 

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Changes in biochemical and physiological processes occur with aging in all body tissues, including the periodontium.

The association between periodontal and systemic diseases has also been widely discussed, suggesting the need of a multidisciplinary care, especially in older adults, who are frequently affected by chronic systemic conditions and multiple drug therapy.

These features lead to a highly complex management of the geriatric population, challenging the dental care providers. 

The aim of this study is to review the age-related changes and the consequences of other factors, such as systemic diseases and drugs, on the periodontium of aged patients.

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