ORTHODONTICS: A new approach to retention of Class II Sagittal correction

Correction of any deviated sagittal skeletal pattern at the earliest age is a best remedy for young growing patients and a great challenge for clinicians.

Having achieved the desired correction with any removable myofunctional appliance therapy, the biggest challenge now is to retain the achieved correction. So far, the passive phase of the Twin Block Therapy ends with the sequential trimming of the appliance till the permanent posteriors intercuspate into each other.

Here is a new method to retain the sagittal Class II skeletal correction in a mixed dentition, where a combination of both Orthodontics and orthopaedics is employed. 

This method seemed quite acceptable and stable from the patients perspective, especially when orthodontic treatment succeeds orthopaedic correction.

A number of appliances are available these days for the correction of unfavourable sagittal skeletal relationships.

An unfavorable sagittal pattern being referred here is a Class II skeletal pattern which requires an early intervention and correction. At an early age both patients and clinicians have better options to bring about growth modulations, with myofunctional appliances, like Activator, Bionator, Twin Block, Frankels Functional Regulator etc.

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The key to the success of any such treatment lies in the correct choice of the appliance and more importantly retention of the achieved corrections.