PDF: Surgical management of Palatine Torus

Torus palatinus is a specific name to identify exostoses developed in the hard palate along the median palatine suture.

Despite of not being a pathological condition, its presence requires attention and knowledge regarding its management.

Surgical removal of exostoses is indicated when the patient frequently traumatizes the area of palatine torus during mastication and speech or when it is necessary for the rehabilitation of the upper arcade with complete dentures.

The aims of this article are to report three distinct cases of Torus palatinus and to discuss the management of each of them.

Some lesions of the oral mucosa do not receive the necessary attention because of its high frequency and outward indolent behavior.

Torus palatinus (TP) is an exostoses of the hard palate usually discovered during a routine clinical exam. 

It may present significant growth, impair swallowing and prosthesis fitting. Therefore, it is important to highlight and discuss the management of TP.