PDF: Maryland Bridge - Case Report

Resin bonded bridges can be highly effective in replacing missing teeth, restoring oral function and aesthetics and result in high levels of patient satisfaction.

Restoring a missing single central incisor is one of the most difficult esthetic procedures in dentistry.

A space in the anterior region of the dental arch of youngster, either due to trauma or a congenital missing tooth can produce a huge amount of psychological impact on the patient. 

The various treatment option of implant, removable partial denture and fixed partial denture are available for adults these treatment options cannot be applicable for an adolescent due to various reasons like growth of the jaws, the amount of tooth reduction in such an early age, chair side time for the procedure.

In such situation a resin- bonded fixed partial denture (RBFPD) such as Maryland bridge fulfils all the requirements of an ideal interim solution till growth completion is achieved.