What Happens When You Have To Extract and Replace a Molar?

The real question is, what happened to cause the loss of the molar? Whether it is a single-tooth implant replacement or the need for posterior restorative dentistry, I want to find out WHY it happened. The majority of implants placed and dentistry performed is posterior. Why?

Many times a new patient with a problem comes to the practice and we help by “stabilizing” the problem at hand.

We now have the opportunity to offer our new patient a comprehensive exam and try to find out why the problem occurred. If we cannot figure out the why, it will happen again.

Most likely the loss of the tooth had something to do with traumatic forces. So what do you evaluate? Occlusion is the first thing that pops into my mind.

Is now the time to revisit the entire occlusal – functional scheme for your patient? Did micro-trauma over time become macro-trauma?

I use photography to share what I see with my patients. We document occlusion using photos with articulating paper.

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