PDF: Unusual complications caused by lipoma of the tongue

Lipoma is the most common, benign, soft tissue, mesenchymal tumour and is composed of mature adipose tissue. It is infrequent in the oral cavity (approximately 0.3% of all tongue neoplasias).

We describe the case of a 68-year-old man with a swelling at the tongue edge and tongue dysesthesia.

Medical history, clinical assessment, radiographic images, and cytological analysis enabled specialists to classify this neoplasia as a lipoma. 

The patient recovered fully after surgical excision of the affected area, and the neuralgic symptoms regressed.

Surgical excision is an elective treatment; however, accurate differential diagnosis, histological examination, and follow-up are required.

Lipoma, a soft tissue lesion, is a benign tumour composed of mature adipose tissue. It is a common mesenchymal neoplasm that usually develops on the torso or proximal segmentsof the limbs.

Oral lipoma is rare, having an incidence of 1% to 5% among benign oral tumors and 0.3% among tongue neoplasias.

The most common sites are the buccal mucosa, lips, tongue, palate, vestibule, floor of the mouth, and retromolar area.

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