PDF: Removable Partial Denture Frameworks in the Age of Digital Dentistry: A Review of the Literature

Alloys of cobalt chromium have been used for decades to create frameworks for removable partial dentures.

While cobalt chromium has multiple advantages, such as strength and light weight, the casting process is laborious and requires special care to ensure that human error is minimized. 

Furthermore, the display of metal clasps in these frameworks may be considered a limitation at times, especially with esthetically demanding patients.

The introduction of digital technology to manufacturing in dentistry has brought forward new methods of fabricating cobalt chromium frameworks, some of which eliminate the casting process. 

Moreover, the development of highperformance polymers for use as removable partial denture frameworks brings multiple advantages, but raises concerns over design guidelines and principles. 

This review examines alternatives to conventionally cast frameworks so that clinicians may make evidence-based decisions when choosing framework materials and fabrication methods in the rapidly advancing world of digital dentistry. 

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