PDF: Gingival Hyperplasia a Sequalae of Orthodontic Therapy- A case report

Gingival enlargement, a widely accepted terminology for an increase in the size of the gingiva, gingival disease generally shows this feature.

As multiple factors can be responsible for gingival enlargement it may also develop in response to various stimulus and interactions between environment and host.

Enlargement can be of any nature either dependent of microbial deposits or may be associated with hormonal disbalance. 

Gingival enlargement can also be a manifestation associated with several hematological disorders, such as leukemia, thrombocytopenia etc. idiopathic gingival fibromatosis, a very rare variant of gingival enlargement has been found associated with familial inheritance.

Functional disturbances like altered speech, difficulty in mastication and aesthetic and psychological problems can be few of the problems associated with enlarged gingiva.

Acute phase or chronic phase are the two categories of inflammatory gingival enlargement, changes can be easily identified in case of chronic phase. 

Performing proper oral hygiene measure becomes difficult in cases with fixed prosthesis and in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances. 

These fixed prosthesis and appliances act as a retention areas for accumulation of debris and plaque which may further worsen the texture and consistency of the gingival tissues by inducing inflammatory changes which further progress towards periodontal pocket.

Outcome of almost every treatment depends on the patient cooperation i.e. maintaining healthy oral cavity, not missing recall visits, medications. 

Medical history has to be recorded before proceeding towards the periodontal therapy to rule out any kind of risk factor. 

Presenting here with a case of 22 year old female patient who was under orthodontic treatment for more than 1 year, presents with gingival enlargement associated with orthodontic treatment.

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