PDF: Digital intraoral scanning technique for edentulous jaws

Making dental impressions is a common first step for most dental procedures. However, studies have shown that many of the conventional dental impressions that are sent to dental laboratories are unsatisfactory because of flaws such as voids or bubbles in critical locations.

Moreover, distortion and expansion of the gypsum casts can further reduce the accuracy of this conventional dental restoration fabrication process. 

The introduction of intraoral systems for intraoral digital scaning has allowed clinicians to directly acquire data from the mouth without the need to make a conventional impression and pour a cast. 

Therefore, the time needed for digitalization and fabrication is reduced, and potential errors are minimized or eliminated.

Jing-Huan Fang, DDS,a Xueyin An, DDS,b Seung-Mi Jeong, DDS, PhD,c and Byung-Ho Choi, DDS, PhDd

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