Unconventional IMPLANT Placement Through An Impacted Canine: A Five-Year Follow-Up

Amidst various technologies and treatment options for replacement of one’s tooth, dental implants have become the standard of care in present day practice. 

No longer are we enamoured by the body’s ability to accept an endosseous implant as its own. The landmark phenomenon of osseointegration by which titanium fuses to bone at a microscopic level allowing for rehabilitation of single or multiple teeth is now routinely seen in everyday practice.

That said, the time lines, protocols and indications of implant dentistry are constantly evolving. Where we once felt it necessary to wait great lengths of time between extraction, implant placement and restoration we are now aware that expedited therapy including same day care exist to our patient base. 

In keeping with this patient centred mentality many surgical techniques have been employed to circumvent adjunctive procedures and streamline care for those desiring tooth replacement.

Philip M. Walton DDS, MMSc

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