PDF: Ameloblastic Carcinoma - A Case report with review of literature

Ameloblastic carcinoma is a rare odontogenic tumor exhibiting histological evidence of malignancy in the primary or recurrent tumor.

It is characterized by rapid, painful expansion of the jaw, unlike conventional ameloblastomas. The tumor most frequently involves the mandible.

The expanding lesion causes perforation of the buccal and lingual plates of the jaw and invades the surrounding soft tissue. Rapidly growing large tumor mass may cause tooth mobility. 

A mandibular tumor involving the mental nerve leads to paresthesia of the nerve. Most ameloblastic carcinomas are presumed to have arisen de novo with a few cases of malignant transformation of ameloblastomas. 

Although rare, these lesions have been known to metastasize, mostly to the regional lymph nodes or lungs.

The purpose of this paper was to report an additional case of Ameloblastic Carcinoma of the left side mandible and to review and analyze clinical, radiological and histopathologic features, treatment modalities and prognosis.

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